Watercolor wreath christmas card

Hi Everyone! This is Sue from @letteringwithsuzy on Instagram. Before we start the tutorial here is a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in New York City. I love to craft; I fold origami, build puzzles, knit, crochet, and create cards. My lettering journey started 3 years ago while exploring Instagram. I wanted to add a personal touch to the cards I was making for the holidays. Now, I have evolved into creating watercolor lettering pieces and even incorporating them into my cards! Currently, I love creating soothing lettering videos to bring some relaxation to everyone's feed and to my day. Now on to the tutorial!

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • Watercolor Paper

  • Card base

  • Pencil

  • Watercolor medium of your choice in dark green, green, and red

  • Paintbrush

  • Gold watercolor

  • Black brush pen

  • Double sided tape

Step 1:

Start with your watercolor paper cut down to size to fit over your card base. Use your pencil to draw a rectangle border around the card, keeping at least an inch of space between the edges. Then sketch your holiday phrase in the center.

Step 2:

Grab your water brush, paintbrush or watercolor brush. I'm using mermaid markers that come pre-filled with ink for easy use. Using the border you sketched, start by drawing the stem of a leaf, just a simple line or curve.

Then draw a line away from the stem to start creating leaves. To create leaves, use the shape of the eyebrow as a guide, start with a light stroke then press the brush down while creating the curve and release pressure towards the end. This creates one side of the leaf, repeat the process on the underside and leave a little space in between the shapes you created to show a vein. To create a natural looking leaf bundle, start from the base of the stem and create the leaves on alternating sides.

Paint these leaves around your wreath leaving space in between to add different leaf styles.

Step 3:

Add different leaves to the wreath. Since this is a Christmas card, add pine stems in the wreath. Start by drawing the stem, then at the base of the stem, paint diagonal lines moving away from the stem. Draw longer needles at the base of the stem and as you move around the stem draw shorter needles until the top then increase the length of the needles back towards the base of the stem.

Step 4:

After you painted all the leaves around the wreath, go back and fill in areas of the wreath to make it look fuller. You can add more leaves or pine stems, paint them towards the center this time instead of following your sketch.

Step 5:

Use your metallic watercolor to add some red berries (circles) or gold berries to fill in between the leaves and pine stems and give it that added pop.

Step 6:

After the wreath is dried use your black brush pen to letter in your holiday phrase.

Step 7:

Use your double side tape to adhere the watercolor paper to your card base. Now your watercolor wreath is complete!

If you try this out you can tag me(@letteringwithsuzy) so that I can see your card! (feel free to also use #BSLBlogTutorial on Instagram)

© 2019 by Shannon Layne

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