Simple Handmade Christmas Card

Hi! My name is Andrea and before we start this tutorial, I'll share a little bit about myself!

A little over a year ago, I created the shop ‘A.S.K Lettering’ and have since shared my lettering journey on Instagram (@asklettering). I reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan and honestly love living in this state. I share the unpopular opinion that fall is the best season and believe the Great Lakes consist of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. If you follow my account, you will see how much I love my little rescue dog, Copper. He is always sticking his adorable nose into my pictures and videos and I do not mind one bit. When I am not lettering, I work a chaotic healthcare job and spend time with my husband of (almost) four years.

In regards to my lettering, I dabble in several mediums and enjoy the variety. I love using handmade shimmery watercolors, but also enjoy creating pieces digitally on Procreate. Overall, I believe that most of the things I create are simple. In fact, I am terrible at drawing.

Now on to the card! I am honored to share this tutorial for you for a quick and simple handmade Christmas card. Shannon asked me a little bit ago to share a Christmas card tutorial for you all and I wanted to share something that was simple to do (no matter what lettering stage you are in) yet elegant and classy.

Here is what you will need to create this card:

  • Watercolor Paper

  • Washi Tape (I am using 15mm and 8mm)

  • Water-based markers (three shades of green). ( For this tutorial I am using Karin Brushmarker PRO in Grass (253), Lush Green (228), and Ocean Teal (377) )

  • Waterbrush pen or a paint brush with water (I am using the Pentel Aquash Waterbrush)

  • Fine tip black brush pen. (I am using the Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen)

Step 1: Use the 8mm Washi tape to create a border around the edges of the watercolor paper in order to create a straight outline and a guide for yourself. Then use the 15mm Washi tape and lay it across the middle of your page. This will create a space to write in. Step 2: In the top space, use the waterbased markers to color in the area. It is important to keep the lines close together without any white space between them and it is especially important to draw full lines in one direction. Start with the darkest color to fill in one third of the empty space. Next, use the middle shade to fill the middle third; repeat with the lightest shade in the remaining space.

Step 3: Using the waterbrush or paint brush, slowly move back and forth on top of the waterbased marker, creating a blended effect. You can start with dark to light, or light to dark, as long as you remain consistent on both sides. It is important to do this slowly and add more water if necessary to continue the blend.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the bottom space of the card.

Step 5: While it is still wet and immediately after completing step 4, carefully remove the Washi tape, starting from the one in the middle of the page and working around the border.

Step 6: After the piece has dried completely, you can use the Kuretake Fudegolochi (or any other black fine tip lettering pen to write out ‘Merry Christmas’ in calligraphy in the middle of your card.

Step 7: Let it dry overnight and send this handmade Christmas card out to friends and family to let them know you are thinking about them.

Optional: You can make this card more unique by adding hand drawn snowflakes or glitter to the blended green area once it has dried. I hope you have appreciated this tutorial and may have learned a new technique for your lettering. If you try this feel free to tag me @asklettering and use #BSLBlogTutorial!

Stay safe during this season and Merry Christmas! Andrea

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