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Who's ready for a super easy, super sparkly tutorial! For those who don’t know me, my name is Julie(@HandletteredSunshine) and my goal is to spread sunshine in an envelope to as many as I can and I love using a mixture of different products. Sparkle is an addiction, and especially this year when we have to find joy EVERYWHERE we can, I use a ton of color and shimmer.

This is a super simple card that you can create like I did, or get fancier by decorating the “o” ornaments with embellishments, dots, or flourishes.

Supplies you will need for this project the way I made it are listed below, but there are many ways you can personalize it using different products. The first time I made it last year, I used all my favorite watercolor shimmer paints by the Cliffs of Watertown, but this time I used watercolor pens by Karin Markers.

  • Watercolor Card (I love using Strathmore Hot Press)

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Washi Tape or anything round to use to trace

  • Black pen or marker (I used a Sharpie in fine line and regular tip)

  • Glitter Gel pen (I used Sparkle Pop by Pentel)

  • Paintbrush for Watercolor (I prefer Pentel Aquash Aquabrush)

  • Waterbased markers (I’m using Karin Brushmarker Pro in these colors: Cool grey 159, Plum 116, Pale Violet 247, Cyan 207, Cool Aqua 204, Magenta 359, Cerise 375 but you can use any markers you like).

  • SPARKLE WATER! I basically stumbled on this magical accident and am absolutely in love with this process as a secret ingredient! I use water that I already washed a brush in so the glitter from paint transferred so now I just add a bit of sparkle paint to my water which adds a lot of pizzazz while blending. (My favorite is Silver Sparkle or Icicle or Golden Flare by The Cliffs of Watertown.)

Step 1:

Use a pencil to sketch out the letter H three times and use the washi tape or round object to form the letter O three times.

Step 2:

Use the light gray marker to go over the letters and widen the H to your liking and erase all pencil marks.

Step 3:

Use the Sharpie or a black marker of choice to fill in the H. I’m known for my obsession for needing super straight and crisp lines, so I always go back with a fine liner to touch up and make my lettering sharper and more precise.

Step 4:

Use any colors you like, but choose two different shades of the same color and fill in the O partially.

Step 5:

Blend the two colors in each ornament, using the SPARKLE WATER! I blend from the center towards the edges to maintain a darker outline while adding some dimension from the blending of different shades of the same color.

Step 6:

Using the sharpie in fine line, draw a small square with lines and a half circle on top as an ornament holder. Use the glitter pen to add details.

Step 7:

Use a straight edged tool to draw a border, and use either paint or a pen to make a sparkly edge. "Tis the season for ALL the glitter" is my motto!

Voila! You’re done with a HO HO HO card which you can embellish any way you choose. Add swirls or polka dots or any decorations to the ornaments if you prefer! Here's a look at the one from this project as well as last year’s similar piece in shimmery paints.

If you try this tutorial, free to tag me @handletteredsunshine and use #BSLBlogTutorial!

Have a very happy holiday season. No matter what or how you celebrate, I hope you find joy and peace this season. Stay safe!


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