Fast & Easy Christmas card!

The first featured artist on the blog is Clairly (@fontness) and she's sharing a fast and easy way to make a spectacular Christmas card!

In the weeks before Christmas I always have many fun ideas for making Christmas cards.

By the time these are supposed to be ready I always seem to have run out of time and nothing has come of it. This wonderful idea in your head is usually not feasible anymore by the deadline.

At that moment we need a Christmas card that is: not too complicated, quick to make, and doesn't need complicated materials or high skill level. Let me show you this simple but fantastic option!

Obviously you can add a lot more to this basic design but you don't have to. It's an easy, fast way to make a card that instantly looks spectacular! Just experiment with the materials you have around and see what you can do. You'll be amazed at the possibilities and it's lots of fun!!!

Don't work harder, work smarter!

Let's break it down and get started!

Basic Materials (use any brand/colour of the materials mentioned here):

  • Cardstock or Watercolour Paper (200/300 grs)

  • Brushpen or Fineliner (if possible Waterproof)

  • Watercolours or Water Based brushpens in colours of your liking

  • Water-/paintbrush

  • Jar of water

  • A smooth surface to use your pen on (acrylic, plastic, porcelain plate, metal)

  • Extra options: use gold or silver sparkling (water)colours or any other items you like to add

Step 1: (Note: If you use a Non Waterproof pen start with Step 2)

Letter your text on your card with a Waterproof pen. If needed pencil it out first and erase after the ink has had a moment to dry.

Step 2:

Choose a colour you want to use as your watercolour background (in this example it's red). Put some ink down on your smooth surface (here I used an acrylic block).

Step 3:

Take your paintbrush loaded with a lot of water. Mix that water with your colour the smooth surface. Depending on the structure of your paper, use more/less water or add extra water as you go. Repeat Step 2 for more colour.

Step 4:

Put down the (here red) watercolour on your card in a random spontaneous way. Repeat the process (Step 2, 3, 4) until you are satisfied with saturation and the area that has been colored.

Step 5:

Pick up more of the colour with your brush and this time tap your colour filled water-/paintbrush while holding it over your paper. This way you splash the watercolour on your paper (More or less water produces larger or smaller splashes).

Extra: You can also splash some shimmery watercolours (like gold/silver) for extra effect.

The effect depends on how wet/dry your surface is (the shimmer can bleed or stay)!

Then allow it to dry.

Step 6:

In case you don't have a waterproof pen you can now add your lettering!

Note: if you use metallic or colourshift inks as a background, you also add your text afterwards; metallics put a layer on your paper and your lettering needs to be on top of that layer!

Bonus Tip: Try to use, add or think about all kinds of extra possibilities like; other colours, details, shades, doodles, punch corners, make a decorative border, use more (shimmering) colours, glitter, embossing, glaze pen, metallics, add a ribbon etc. The possibilities are endless once you get the hang of it!

I hope you have fun and enjoy this easy & fast way to make a spectacular Christmas card!

If you try this out be sure to tag me @Fontness so that I can admire your artwork! (feel free to also use #BSLBlogTutorial on Instagram)

Merry Christmas and Cheers to 2021!


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