Easy Snowflake Christmas Card

Hey guys! I am Anusha from @anushaivaturi and I am delighted to share this easy Christmas card with you today! Before we dive into it, let me share a little bit about myself.

I am a full-time watercolor & hand-lettering artist from India. I enjoy painting vibrant galaxies to share my love for outer space. I work from my home studio space along with my furry partners, Jenny & Nessie. I have been lettering for over 3 years now and love making handmade cards which is one of the reasons I started exploring calligraphy!

I absolutely love using bright bold colors and lots of shimmery gold in most of my projects and I hope it brings in more cheer to all of you! Now let’s get started on the card :)


  • Watercolor Paper or Cardstock - at least 200gsm (I am using Canson watercolor paper)

  • Sakura Glaze Pen (If you don’t have it, you can use masking fluid with any old brush. Alternatively you can draw snowflakes with a white gel pen once the background is ready.)

  • Washi tape or Masking tape

  • Any smaller tip brush pen like Pentel or Tombow fudenosuke.

  • Watercolors or Water-based brush markers, I’m using Karin markers here:

  • (Cool Aqua - 204, Sky Blue - 621, Cyan - 207, Turquoise - 654)

  • Watercolor Brush (any size)

  • Paper towel

  • Water

  • Gold Watercolor (I'm using Finetec Gold)

Step 1:

Add masking/washi tape on all four sides creating a border like shown.

Step 2:

Using Sakura Glaze Pen (White) draw a few snowflakes on the card alternating the sizes of the snowflakes to add variety. If you do not have a glaze pen or masking fluid, you can skip this step for now.

*Glaze pen adds texture and shine and it acts like masking fluid and it’s super easy and quick to use.

Step 3:

Once it’s dry (takes a minute or two), using Karin markers draw random lines as shown in the pictures, starting with the lightest color leaving a little bit of white spaces.

Step 4:

Now, using a wet watercolor brush slowly blend the shades together. As soon as you start blending the colors with water, you can notice the snowflakes show up like magic! I love this part! Add a little bit of water if required.

Tip - To add a fun texture to the background, splatter a bit of water by tapping on the brush.

Step 5:

Let the background dry completely. Take a damp paper towel and gently wipe off any paint over the snowflakes and you can see that they are now completely white and shiny with a little texture!

*If you are using masking fluid instead, after the background is dry, you can remove it.

**In case you don’t have a glaze pen or masking fluid, you can draw a bunch of snowflakes with a white gel pen over the background.

Step 6:

Write your favorite quote on the card. I have lettered - let it snow on the bottom left corner in modern calligraphy style. Once you're done, peel off the washi tape.

Step 7:

Now for some shimmery goodness, add a couple of snowflakes with Finetec gold or any metallic gold color or Deco Brush metallic markers. You can add embellishments, sequins to the card as well.

I have also added a golden border because, why not!? - It’s optional but definitely recommended!

Done! Send it to your friends and family and I am sure they’ll love it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do give it a try and if you do, please tag me @anushaivaturi and use #BSLBlogTutorial! We’d love to see.

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas!



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