Botanical Christmas Card

Hi everyone, I'm Gadis of @madebymutiara and today I'll be showing you how to create a Botanical Christmas Card. Before we start the tutotial, I'd like to share a little bit about myself. I've been lettering since 2016 and I love using many different types of mediums to create lettering pieces that inspire and uplift others! My favourites are watercolor inks and chalk markers. I also make YouTube videos to share what I know about growing on Instagram and I love getting to know others in the lettering community. 😊


Large Brush Pens (I use Zig Kuretake Brush Pens)

Watercolor paper



Step 1:

Draw 2 grid lines in the middle of the paper and letter the phrase "Merry Christmas" lightly with a pencil in calligraphy.

Step 2:

Use a brown brush pen and letter over the pencil sketch.

Step 3:

Draw a border around the letters. Then draw lines to split the paper approximately into 12 equal segments.

Step 4:

For each segment, draw a branch of leaves using a green brush marker. Start with the stem and use the broad side of the brush marker to draw each side of the leaves.

Step 5:

Use different shades of green and repeat the previous step to draw the branches of leaves.

Step 6:

Erase the pencil lines once the ink has dried.

Step 7:

Use a red brush marker to draw berries of different sizes in the empty spaces between the leaves.

And you're done! Want to see a step by step video demo of this tutorial, click here to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed creating this card, if you try this out feel free to tag me @madebymutiara so that I can see your creations! (feel free to also use #BSLBlogTutorial on Instagram)

Merry Christmas ya'll!

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