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Have you thought about painting in Procreate before but had no idea how to get started?

Well, I have felt the exact same way many times. So I’ve created this beginner friendly, low-stress, real time course just for you!



Watercolor is a matte, vibrant, translucent medium. It's unpredictable and dries with bleeds, color runs and dark edges outer lines.


Gouache while it is very similar to watercolor, it  has a much thicker, creamier consisitency and dries with an even, opaque, matte finish.


Acrylic has a deeper, thicker consistency and can create thick visible strokes. Acrylic can have either a matte or glossy finish.



Are you tired of feeling like Procreate painting is too challenging or that your paintings never turn out how you want them to?

My goal is to share all the technique and resources you’ll need to help you create paintings that look like they were made with real art supplies!

We'll Start from Scratch

Learn my go-to practical approach for sketching images when using references. Don't worry, it's much easier than you think!

And Create with Confidence

Explore Procreate features like layers, clipping masks, groups, alpha lock and more to help us create realistic paintings.


For each style we'll paint a nature inspired painting and each projects comes with:

  • VIDEO LESSONS in real time, broken down into smaller easy to follow steps.

  • PROJECT SKETCHES for you to trace if you don’t want to draw from reference.

  • REFERENCE IMAGES to help you you with sketching and painting your projects.

  • CUSTOM BRUSHES & TEXTURES to ensure that you paintings have realistic effects.

  • COLOR PALETTES with the exact same colors I’m using.

  • TARGETED FEEDBACK at the end of each project if needed.

  • FINISHED PROJECT  available should you want additional reference

Why Paint Digitally?

Unlimited Supplies

With digital painting everything you’ll need is available in Procreate! Unlimited brushes, canvases and colors.

No Mess

No need to mix colors, worry about cleaning brushes, palettes, or changing dirty paint water.


You can instantly undo, remove, resize, recolor or readjust anything on the spot without having to start from the beginning.


You can paint from just about anywhere, in bed, in your studio or on the go because all you’ll need is your iPad and Apple pencil.

This course is perfect for you if you:

-Want to paint simple watercolor, acrylic and gouache paintings in Procreate

- Enjoy working at your own pace

- Learn best with real time, live demonstration classes and tutorials

- Enjoy drawing, painting or coloring on your iPad

So....What do you say?

Let's Create Some Digital Art Together!

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Waiting List

3+ Hours

of real time step by step  videofor you to create each project with me.

Self Paced

lessons that you can take at your own time, as often as you need

Lifetime Access

to all content along with any future updates or additions


available after every project should you need further assistance

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