Hey There!

I'm Shannon, a hand lettering artist and graphic designer from Barbados. 

I wish I could say that I was artsy growing up, but that's not true at all. I went to school and excelled in tradiotional academics and never really knew there was an artistic side of me. 

I first discovered my love of hand lettering and art in the summer of 2016, when I stumbled across a hand lettering challenge on Pinterest. I spent the next few months following and watcing other artists on Instagram, until I finally got enough motivation and confidence to try handlettering myself.

Now, I may not have been artsy, but I've always been inquisitive and loved learning. So one day at a time, I found as many resources as I could, and taught myself everything I now know about hand lettering. Mistake after mistake, I pushed myself to make each piece better than the one before. 

So maybe you've been thinking about starting hand lettering, and you don't think you can because you may not have done anything art related before. Well, I can garantee that with daily practice, you will create beautiful hand lettering. If you want some visual proof, then take a scroll to the bottom of my instagram feed to see the first lettering I posted and then compare it to my latest post and you'll see the progress for yourself. 

When, I'm not working or lettering, I'm most likely reading, writing, binge watching a tv show, daydreaming or any other activity that us introverts enjoy.